duminică, 28 iulie 2013

iPhone Secret Tips & Shortcuts

Take a Screenshot - Just press the Home and Sleep buttons at the same time and your curent
screen is saved automatically in your camera roll

Reboot - Hold the Home and Sleep buttons until the screen goes black,and subsequently shows
the Apple logo.This will probably take few seconds.

Save Images - Tap and hold an image to copy the image or save it to the photo gallery.

Get URL Hints -- In Safari,you can press and hold any links in order to see the URL and site
name of the link

Save Battery Power - Turn off Wi-fi,3G and Bluetooth

To create a folder - Press and hold any app until it starts wiggling.Then,drag the app onto
another app that you`d like to include in same folder

Change folder name - Press and hold folder icon

Swipe to delete - Swipe across the email or conversation to get a Delete button

Cut,copy,and paste - Find the text you want to edit in a note,email,web page,or other app.
You can select a word by double-tapping it, and select more or less text by dragging the
grab points.Then tap to cut,copy,or paste.To unde an edit,shake Iphone,then tap the Undo button

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